Support Services


A student Services Officer will provide details about all our services during the orientation program. Additionally, there are staff available during office hours to help Learners with any queries they may have.


Induction is conducted prior to the commencement of the course. Its purpose is to fully inform new leaners of most aspects of life at the NAIT and to provide an introduction about their course requirements and obligations and expectations. In addition, you will be introduced to the NAIT staff and overview of Learner support. There are also plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Learner and Study Support

Stress, financial difficulties, health, family, relationship issues and social issues can all affect your ability to settle into study. If your studies are being affected by these kinds of issues, please speak with your trainer or any of our support staff members, so that we can assist you. External counselling will be available for Learners seeking further assistance Accessing external counselling support will be provided to students at no cost to students as institute has MOU with external counselling agency.

We carefully monitor course progress to ensure Learners do not fall behind course requirements, because we want our Learners to succeed.

Where a Learner has been identified as not attending consecutive classes and has not satisfactorily completed assessments, they will be contacted for support needs or any barriers to learning and meetings will be conducted where necessary. Intervention strategies are then put in place to assist Learners to achieve the study goal they initially set out to attain. If you are having any difficulties, we ask that you contact student services at the earliest opportunity so that we can support you in the best way possible.

If you would like information on any of the following areas or issues, ask at reception and our staff or your trainer will assist where they can or refer you to an appropriate staff member for:

  • Learning pathways and possible RPL opportunities
  • Access and equity issues
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support
  • Complaints and appeals
  • Course progress and attendance
  • Appeals /conflict resolution
  • Provision for special learning needs
  • Provision for special cultural and religious needs
  • Emergency and health services
  • Education and career counselling
  • Assistance when applying for credit transfer and RPL
  • Stress management
  • Any other welfare service required to maintain satisfactory course progress or assistance
  • Any other issues


NAIT has dedicated student support officers and Language Literacy and Numeracy Student Support Officers whose role is to review all data regarding student special needs collected during the pre-enrolment/enrolment stage. Data identifying students’ special needs is collected via a range of avenues including enrolment forms and pre-enrolment interviews. The student support officers assess the data and determine the type of support that the student may need in order to successfully complete the course. The student support officer is responsible for case-managing the student to ensure that the student is receiving appropriate support.


Complaint & appeal Officer: Assist students with all complaints and appeals
Counselling support officer: Arrange counselling service for students and assist them to find right help for any personal issues e.g. stress, anxiety etc.
Marketing officer: Handles all marketing and agent related queries.
Academic Support Officer: Handles all course progress, interventions and academic support related issues.
Admission & Enrollment officer: Handle all admissions and enrollment related issues specific course related queries.
LLN Support Officer: Provides LLN assistance
Critical incident officer: Handles all critical incidents on campus, any traumatic event, or the threat of such (which causes extreme stress, fear or injury.
Student Support Officers: Provides academic and non-academic counselling to Learners and handle course related queries.
Admin / First AID / Student safety officer: Handle all general course, enrolment, Medical, Student Safety and administration queries.
Accounts Officer: Handles queries regrading fees, payment terms and refund.
Trainers and Assessors: Handle all specific course related queries and assessment issues.
LMS / IT support: Handle all IT issue related to classrooms or IT Labs, Remote Lab access issues, LMS related issues.


Our reception is open to assist Learners from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

In order to facilitate quality support services to its students NAIT will maintain a Support staff to student ratio of 1 Support staff: 80 students.

Critical Incidents
NAIT has a documented Critical Incident Policy and Procedure that covers the actions to be taken in the event of a critical incident, required follow up to the incident and records of the incident and action taken.

Students will be advised of emergency and evacuation procedures during their orientation program. At least one trainer and/or administration staff member who has up-to-date training in first aid and has the knowledge and authority to manage an environmental emergency and critical incident will be on the premises.

Students will be informed of safety measures and processes through the student orientation process, including a safety presentation where questions can be discussed. For the latest Critical Incident Policy and Procedure please email to

Please contact our Critical Incident Officer, Rakesh Bodat on (03) 9428 1615 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (Business Hours) OR Call 0430 901 577 for after hour emergencies HELPFUL CONTACTS NUMBERS

Staff Contact details What assistance they can provide            
Student Administration and student support

Ph: 03 94281615

Reception is the first point of contact for all students and customers. Student administration and support officer is responsible for providing exceptional service at first point of contact either by phone or in person for all students and customers.

Following are the some of the key responsibilities

  • Pre-enrolment & post enrolment activities.
  • Manage all Student Registration / Enrolment Academic & graduation records
  • Attending to student enquiries and client services
  • Provide support and relief for students
  • Course orientation information and timetables
  • Student attendance monitoring and reporting
  • Reception & General Administration Support
  • Request Library resources
  • Provide support regrading academic. Personal or any other support assistance.
  • Arrange professional counselling and other external services requested for support.
  • Complaints and appeals
  • Suspension deferment or cancellation requests


Admin Manager/ WHS / Complaint and Appeal Officer

Ph: 03 94281615

  • To assist students with all complaints and appeals
  • Refer to CEO for any appeal against decision made by himself/herself
  • To provide assistance with all enrolment and admission related issues.
Student support officer

Ph: 03 94281615

  • To arrange counselling service for students
  •  Assist to find right help for any personal issues e.g. stress, anxiety etc.
Admin / First AID /student safety officer

Ph: 03 94281615

  • Arrange professional counselling and other external services requested for support.
Marketing officer/ Student support officer – LMS / IT support

Ph: 03 94281615

  • Will provide assistance related to course progress, interventions and academic support related issues.
LLN Support Officer

Ph: 03 94281615

  • LLN assistance
Critical incident officer Rakesh Kumar


Ph: 03 94281615


  • Assistance during critical incidents on campus, any traumatic event, or the threat of such (which causes extreme stress, fear or injury e.g. missing students severe verbal or psychological aggression, death, serious injury or any threat of these, natural disaster; and issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, drug or alcohol abuse.


LMS/ IT Support Officer

Ph: 03 94281615

  • Can assist with IT support services including Learning management system(LMS) support, basic computer skills, skills, computer troubleshooting, internet connectivity, and printing assistance.


Accounts Officer & HR Coordinator

Ph: 03 94281615

  • Queries regrading fees and payment terms.
  • Refund assistance
Trainers / Assessors Ph: 03 94281615
  • Point of contact for training
  • Assessment information
  • Course related queries
  • Access to academic records
  • First point of contact for academic complaints and appeals


  • Fire, ambulance, police (life-threatening emergencies): Ring 000
  • Hospitals and Medical Issues:
  • The Alfred: (03) 9076 2000
  • Austin Hospital: (03) 9496 5000
  • Royal Children’s Hospital: (03) 9345 5522
  • Royal Women’s Hospital: (03) 8345 2000
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital: (03) 9342 7000
  • St Vincent’s Hospital: (03) 9411 7111

Refer to for services near you.

  • The National Translating and Interpreting Service: 131 450
  • Life Line 24-hour Counselling Services: 131 114
  • Solicitors/ Lawyer:

The Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia: Free call 1800 651 650

Other Support Services

The following support services are free. They are able to provide you with referrals to

help you deal with the issue you are facing.

  • Lifeline: 13 11 14 (24-hour counselling service)
  • Men’s line Australia: 1300 78 99 78
  • Grief line (Telephone Counselling Service): 1300 845 745 (12 noon – 3 am, 7 days a week, all year)
  • Direct Line (Drug and alcohol service): 1800 888 236
  • Crisis Help: 1800 627 727
  • Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis: 1800 015 188 or (03) 9322 3555
  • Direct Line (Drug and alcohol service): 1800 888 236
  • Crisis Accommodation Information (Homelessness Help Services): 1800 627 727
  • Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis: 1800 015 188 or (03) 9322 3555
  • The Gambling Help Line: 1800 858 858